Friday, August 28, 2009

Fake, Fraud, lies, and you tube video' is a very detective company. They use Internet safety and fake videos to scam people and investors. The first fake video he has on you tube is were he says samsung was putting out a new samsung instinct with xtagged technology he even had a samsung box that he doctored up. Well the phone never came out we even called samsung they had no idea who xtagged was. The funny thing is now he has an iPhone. The latest fake video is xtagged guy using the fun CSI finger scan app that anyone can download and put it on there phone to trick your friends into believing your phone is cooler than it really is. Well xtagged guy also starts his car with it even though it's a fake finger scan. But how does he do it? Well if your a thinker you'll get it, he has a wireless car start remote that he presses the same time he does the finger scan or he has someone else press the remote off camera. is a scam they have scammed pubic investors in the past and are now trying to scam real ones. I have talked to a corporate investor that meet with xtagged and he saw right through the scam any real investor would. Maybe you should go back to scamming the public. Don't believe everything you see on you tube!